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Shorkies, Shih tzu/Yorkie mix, Shorkie-tzu puppies for Sale.
Shorkie puppy Breeders in Silver Creek, Mississippi 601-886-7381
Shorkie Puppies raised in  my Home! Map it!

What is a Shorkie?
Our Shorkie pups ARE ALSO KNOWN AS: SHORKIE-TZU - and many other popular names. 
If you are looking for that "ONE OF A KIND" SHORKIE PUPPY look no further! Shorkie puppies 
are Shih tzu and Yorkie mixed breed puppies. Shorkie puppies are the BEST of both worlds.
We started out with Fancypoo4u web site and realized that we needed to tell everyone
more information on the Shorkie Yorkie-shih tzu mix puppies and Shorkie tzu puppies.  
Shih tzu Yorkie mixed breed puppy. Shorkies are devoted breed loving and sweet 
in nature and is that of an ultimate family companion. Shorkies live to please their owners, 
and are a highly intelligent breed, besides Shorkies' being that, are very trainable dog.  
 Shorkie Puppies are One of  "God's Greatest Gifts" to Man.  

We have Endless Love for our Shorkie Puppies!
Shorkies and Shorkie Puppies, are very Loving Pets and Family members. 
The Shorkie tzu is "Out going, happy, friendly and trusting toward all."
Shorkies are a Loyal, Loving breed. The combination of the two Breeds is why
Shorkie puppies are, Priceless  Children's Pets, Companion and Therapy Dogs. 
Home raised Shorkies and Shorkie puppies are more loving and train easily.

Started out as
Email me at
 Shorkie breeder with Shorkie puppies for sale in Mississippi
Please put Shorkie puppies for sale in the title of your email.
What is a Shorkie Puppy?
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Shih tzu-Yorkie mixed breed puppies for sale in Mississipi. Purchase Shorkie puppies from 
Shorkie breeders with Shorkie Puppies for sale. Shorkies, 
Shorkie puppies for sale Mississippi.

Families drive in the south to pick up Shorkie puppies from
Canton, Brandon, Hattiesburg, Gultport, Jackson, McComb, Vicksburg, Meridian, Ocean Springs and Waynesboro, 
Shorkie Breeder in Mississippi, MS. will drive 1 hour to meet families from Covington, Baton Rouge, Hammond, 
Mandeville, Metairie, New Orleans, LA.  Atlanta, GA. Mobile AL. Montgomery, AL. Tuscaloosa, Alabama, AL.
 Pensacola, Tallahassee, Florida, FL. Memphis, Tennessee, TN. Indiana, IN. and surrounding areas.

Purchase Shorkie puppies from Shorkie breeders with Shorkie Puppies for sale  Shorkies, Shorkie puppies for sale in Mississippi. 
Shorkies living in Alabama, Shorkie puppies in Florida. Shorkies in Tennessee, Shorkie puppies in Florida, Shorkies in Louisiana, 

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Shorkie Breeders with Shorkie puppies, Shih- tzu/Yorkie-mix, Shorkies, Shorkies for sale  Shorkie puppies for sale in Mississippi

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Shorkie puppies,Shorkies,Shorkie puppies for sale
Shorkies in Mississippi
Shorkie puppies for sale in Mississippi
Shorkies for sale in Mississippi o
Shorkie puppies in Misissippi
shorkie puppies
 At Fancy Face Shorkies we raise Healthy, Happy Shorkie Puppies.
 I offer my life of experience and knowledge to you as your Shorkie breeder.
Our Shorkie puppies are home raised in a clean loving home environment.
Come to my Home meet your Shorkie Breeder and see our Shorkies for sale.
Click the Picture of the Shorkie puppy to see our Shorkie puppies for sale.​
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Shorkies, Teacup Shorkie puppies and Yorkie mix puppies 
Mississippi Shorkie puppy breeder with Shorkie puppies for sale.

Yorkie mix puppies for sale

With Shorkie puppies available to Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida

Shorkie puppies for sale Blog

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