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I'm sure you have heard that a Dog owns you. That isn't necessarily true. Most families want a well rounded happy Dog. This depends on the care you give them. I have learned that the most important thing is to walk your dog. Whether it would be for  short walks or  long walks. They are a much happier dog because of the exercise you give them. There is a proper way to walk your dog.

Information was obtained from Dog breed info
 An unbalanced dog, is not a happy dog. Excitement in a dog, is NOT a sign of happieness. Dogs who act very excitedly when their humans come home, are showing signs of a lack of exercise, and or leadership. For a dog, excitement does not indicate happiness. In most cases, it is a sign of an imbalance state. When you come home after being gone, avoid speaking to your dog in an excited manor. If we seem dogs has human, the thought of a dog's excitement not being a sign of happiness, does not make sense, however, we must remember, dogs are canines, not humans. 

Dogs, of all breeds and types, who are taken for daily walks, and who are made to walk beside or behind the owner, are less likely to be destructive, obsessive, have separation anxiety and and or dominancy issues, among many other behavior problems. Dogs with higher energy should be taken for longer more vigorous walks, some two or more times a day. For a dog, walking is a primal instinct. Fulfilling this need in your dog will make for a happier dog and happier owners. 

If you are going off to work for the day, the dog should be walked before you leave the house. This will put the dog into a rest mode for the time you are gone.  Dogs should also be walked before they eat, fulfilling the dog's instinct to work for food. 

The dog is not to sniff the ground and relieve themselves where they please, they are to concentrate on following their handler while walking. The person walking the dog decides when the dog is allowed to sniff or pee, not the dog. It is ok to allow your dog to sniff around and do his business, however, only when you decide it is ok. The dog needs to see you are leading him, he is not leading you. 

Did you know that separation anxiety is the 2nd most common reason why dogs are euthanized or given up by their owners?

Separation anxiety can occur in any breed and at any age.

Dogs can react to a lack of exercise and or the stress of being separated from their "pack member(s)" by becoming destructive, barking continuously, or eliminating in the house. The degrees can vary, and your dog may only do one, or perhaps all of the behaviors. You may see personality changes in your pet as well. He may become aggressive, or shy. He may become depressed and can even make himself sick. They may begin to chew on parts of their own body. Our neighbor's German Shepherd chewed on his tail so much that it had to be amputated. He had recently lost his favorite "pack member" and obviously didn't have another strong enough pack leader, to take its place. My own rescued schnauzer, perfect as she is, will occasionally dump out our garbage and spread it all through the house. This too, although it does not happen often, is separation anxiety because it only happens when we leave the house. Teaching your puppy to be independant, instead of being dependant is the best thing you can do.

In order to stop our dogs from having separation anxiety, we first need to understand what is causing it. There are two reasons this can be occurring... 
The number one cause of separation anxiety is a humans lack of leadership. We humans more often than not, tend to treat our fellow canine family members like humans. In a pack, the leader is allowed to leave, however, the followers never leave the leader. If your dog is instinctually seeing you as their follower and you leave him, it causes so much mental anguish that a dog often takes it out on your house or himself. The dog sees itself as the one who is responsible for the pack and when the pack has left the house they get in a panic because they are afraid that something might happen to their pack members. When a dog accepts you as pack leader separation anxiety will not exist. 

Dominancy issues
Do not let your Shorkie walk through the door first. If your dog always goes ahead of you, you need to get your leash and open the door. When he rushes ahead you pull him back and tell him "No. Wait. " You walk in and then give him permission to come in. This will be easier and faster if you have someone help you. 

Do not let your Shorkie sleep in the same bed as you. This is a definite Alpha position. 
If you just can't be without your dog in the bed, at the very least you need to make sure 
he sleeps at the foot of the bed. A doggie bed on the floor beside you is your best bet for maintaining Alpha position. (this rule is for aggressive dogs or dogs showing signs they are forgetting their place... A pet that is well behaved and obedient can sleep next to you or your child. 

 A dog who questions his place in the household pack can sometimes cause him to suddenly display destructive behaviors, as the dog is confused and taking his anxiety out on your house. 

A dog who knows his place in his human pack is a happy dog. A dog who does not is a confused dog and can exhibit many unwanted behaviors because of it. 
information was obtained from Dog breed info

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