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With the Shih tzu-Yorkie mix some of the Shorkies will look like the Mom or the Dad. They my not look all the same.

Fancy Face Shorkies Will Tickle your Fancy

This is the Shorkie Puppy Family page with pictures of 
our Shorkie puppy parents when they come to my home to pick up their 
Shorkie puppies. Your part of our Shorkie family now.

        The Barton Family
`    in Collierville, TN
              My References 

Bring a blanket, and a Teddy Bear to bring in when picking up your 
Shorkie puppy. We send scent to reduce stress from leaving their litter mates.
When we ship, we include a blanket with the scent of the rest of the litter.
This makes the  transition easier for your Shorkie baby.
This page is for shorkie puppies and their new happy puppy parents.

I have heard this remark "There are responsible breeders out there who, regardless of 
breed, we want to produce a happy, healthy pet, and do their best to do so "Puppy parents.
are my life without you, I wouldn't be here. My familes that are happy are my life."

I have always had a special love for Dogs. It's because they give you "Endless love".
How do genetics play a part in designer dogs? Canine genetics are made up of 78 chromosomes made up 
from 39 pairs or sets. Dogs receive half of the chromosomes they get from their father and the other half from 
their mother. Chromosomes have the puppy’s DNA which we know defines its genetic makeup and characteristics.

The characteristics the puppy receive varies from one litter to the next. Some pups from the same litter will look nothing at all alike. This is because they get their chromosomes in a random chance order. There are over one billion combinations of the DNA make-up that the puppy will receive, making it almost impossible to have two puppies from the same litter with the same characteristics or combination of chromosomes. Some puppies will be more like their father and some will have more characteristics of the mother.

If You have ever lost a beloved pet
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People drive to pick up puppies from 
Brookhaven, Mississippi, MS. Canton,  Brandon,  Jackson,  Mc Comb, Vicksburg,  Meridian,  Waynesboro, 
Hattiesburg, Gulfport, Ocean Springs,  Ridgeland, Madison.  New Orleans,  Louisiana, LA. Baton Rouge, Covington, Hammond,  Mandeville,  
Lake St Charles, Metairie, Atlanta, Georgia, GA.  Mobile, Alabama,  AL. Montgomery,  Tuscaloosa,   Birmingham,  Florida, FL. Pensacola, 
Tallahassee,  Ft  Walton Beach,  Memphis, Tennessee, TN., and surrounding areas.

There is nothing greater than "Puppy Love!"

References   AKC Toy Yorkie puppies 

If your looking for Yorkie/Shih tzu puppies for sale. you will find Shih-Tzu-Yorkie mix puppies for sale. 
Shorkie puppies are hypoallergenic, Shorkie puppies are non shedding Shorkie puppies are great for children 
Shorkie puppies are easy to train Shorkie puppies are great companions. Shorkie puppies are the perfect puppy! 
Shorkie Tzu Puppies for Sale. Shorkie Tzu. Shih Tzu / Yorkie Hybrid. The Shorkie Tzu is not a purebred dog.
 It is a cross between the Shih Tzu and a Yorkie. Fancy Face Shorkies, 
Don't purchase puppies from your local Shorkie classifieds. 
Purchase a Shorkie puppy from a experienced Shorkie breeder.

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This is Janice, from  Ft Walton Beach 
Thank you so much for your hospitality today and we thoroughly enjoyed the tour, seeing all the babies, and sharing some time with you in your home.
Merry Christmas to you and Hunter too! Cooper is officially spoiled rotten!!!  He sleeps right between me and Ted every night! He's doing really well in his playpen and is using the paper quiet nicely to use 
the bathroom.....!!!  I did take him to a vet, Coastal Animal Hospital, and he is scheduled to go back in January.   He is eating well and playing hard.
Thanks for the best doggie in the world.
Janice & Ted
Reference below too.

She adores her shorkie puppy
shorkie puppy
shorkie puppy for sale
shorkie puppies
Jack Henry is doing great....he was by himself this morning for the first time and did well. He loves to get under pillows to sleep. We are not very strong at bedtime.....he is already sleeping with Miles and I.  
He has added much joy to our house. He is precious and everything we wanted and more. I will send you a picture of him and the girls soon.
Happy New Year!
Tori Barton
Shorkie puppy adopted by 
    The Powers family in Madison, Ms 

Angela  geometry teacher
 in Forrest City, AR
Spelman College '08
Teach for America, MS Delta 
Shorkie puppy was purchased by Ronda
in Brandon Mississippi. Came to my home.

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