We Believe in the Heterosis Effect!
We Breed Only 50%, Shih tzu to 50%, Yorkie, Healthy Purebred Dogs!
This is The Only Authentic Hybrid Shorkie Puppies with F1 Breeding! 
It's because the gene pool is mixed, that the F1 puppies are healthier.

Breeders who breed different breeds, purebred to purebred creating a first generation F1 hybrid believe in the Heterosis Effect and Hybrid Vigor. 
Hybrid Vigor means, "Physical or mental strength, energy, or force."
AKC used this method to create the different breeds that we have today.
It's only when you line breed, when the faults need to be tested for.
Genetic Testing and Health 
#1 Thing to look for in a shorkie breeder is HONESTY!
Hybrid dogs are Healthier because they are NOT LINE BRED OR INBRED
Mixed Breeding with the Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) has been
going on since the 1800's! http://www.ytca.org/history.html
How do genetics play a part in designer dogs? Canine genetics are made up of 78 chromosomes made up from 39 pairs or sets. Dogs receive half of the chromosomes they get from their father and the other half from their mother. Chromosomes have the puppy’s DNA which we know defines its genetic makeup and characteristics.
List of DNA tests available
The characteristics the puppy receive varies from one litter to the next. Some pups from the same litter will look nothing at all alike. This is because they get their chromosomes in a random chance order. There are over one billion combinations of the DNA make-up that the puppy will receive, making it almost impossible to have two puppies from the same litter with the same characteristics or combination of chromosomes. Some puppies will be more like their father and some will have more characteristics of the mother.
Breeders that say they test need to show proof of this. The mention of
 testing has been used to sell these Hybrid puppies for higher prices
Ask to see their tests. If they are testing their dogs, they can show you this.
We at Fancy Face Shorkies  want to  address to the public, you dont have to pay thousands of dollars to get a very nice, well bred, Top Quality Shorkie Puppy!! 
 All you really have to do is contact US !  
 We are here with  The Best Shorkies in the world.
 At prices you can afford!!
We know our lines. We have never inbred our Shih tzu dogs. The parent dogs are not from the same lines. We have been selling them for many years! 
We haven't noted any adverse genetic effects. Bottom Line is that a Hybrid puppy is less likely to inherit any any genetic disease, because there is no inbreeding. Both Parents need to have the hereditary gene to pass any disease to the Hybrid puppy. Mixed bred dogs aren't meant to be bred, or used as breeders. Spay or neuter your puppy. It has been proven, that spaying and neutering your dog, makes them a better pet, and companion dog.

I don't want to create a new breed or produce puppies which are all identical only puppies which are all healthy, intelligent, full of personality and with attributed which make them good family pets. 

This goal in this scenario is not to create a new breed, 
but to create a Happy and Healthy pet!

This came from a Vet geneticist 
Hybrid vigor is not a theory, it is the name given to describe something that happens repeatedly throughout all species in the animal and plant kingdom. When unrelated breeds of any animal species are mated the offspring in the first generation will be more healthy, fertile, and (in animals) mentally stable than either parent breed. This first F1 (Filial1) generation as the geneticists call it, will be intermediate in characterisics to the parent breeds and the offspring will resemble each other.

 More Hybrid Vigor content

Information is from Dog Breed info

 Yorkie Cross breeding History Wikipedia.org

So what's up with these hybrid, "designer" dogs? Are they healthier? Hybrid dogs can still have genetic problems because you are still crossing two first generation dogs, however the percentage of hybrid dogs with genetic problems is much lower than purebred dogs because the gene pool is mixed.

It is also important to be aware; not all of these designer hybrid dogs being bred are 50% purebred to 50% purebred. It is very common for breeders to breed multi-generation crosses. While a simple F1 generation cross is said to produce the most hybrid vigor in the dog and the further down the multi-generation chain, the more vigor is lost in the hybrid;.When moveing further down the generation chain, You are risking less vigor. This has greater chances of genetic health problems. 

Purebreds and inbreeds often carry genetic disease. Heterosis is the phenomenon where crossing two inbred lines can produce descendants with superior genetic foundation. In addition, the absence of inbreeding depression, present in inbred and in lesser extent in purebred dogs in general, as there is some remote inbreeding in any breed. Heterosis is also produced by overdominance, i.e. better combined function of two diverse genes (alleles), on a gene site (locus), compared to two identical (but harmless) ones. This increased health and vigor does not create a superior breed, but the advantages obtained from it are what produce hybrid vigor. 

Remember that the second generation is likely to be more variable and have less hybrid vigor than the F1 so breeding F1 to F1 is unwise unless the breeder is trying to create a new breed and doesn't mind breeding a lot of funny looking , and possibly unsatisfactory, dogs on the way. Both parents have to have the genetic disease for the off spring to inherit. 

The Shih tzu or Yorkie breeds are less likely to carry the gene for
 Willebrand’s Disease or VWD.

It should be noted that it is well regarded and recognised that hybrid vigor or heterosis effect is 'strongest' or 'highest' in the first generation of progeny produced from the crossing of the two purebred breeds, their progeny or offspring have the most hybrid vigor or heterosis effect.

Heterosis effect results in a healthier, more vigorous dog with a reduced chance of genetic disease. It is well known in all domestic animal breedings, hybrids 50%-50% mixes of two different breeds will raise the chances of having less genetic diseases because all doubling of detrimental effects will stop in the first generation. The genetic term for this is HETEROSIS EFFECT. This effect often gives non-related individuals stronger descendants than purebreds.

 This example can also be used to show why hybrid vigour only works in the first generation and why "mongrels" or "mutts" come in all shapes and sizes. While our theoretical F1 - produced from highly homozygous parents, has only one genetic combination possible, if an F1 was crossed with another F1 there would be many hundreds of possible combinations produced in the "F2" generation.

If inbreeding increases homozygosity, crossbreeding is its opposite and maximises heterozygosity. Crossbreeding is the mainstay of most farm animal and plant production - it takes advantage of a phenomenon which is widely talked about but poorly understood: HYBRID VIGOUR (or for the geneticists - HETEROSIS) is the term used to describe the burst of fertility, good health and growth that is seen in the progeny when two unrelated breeds are mated. The longer that these breeds have been separated, and the greater the differences between them, the stronger will be the resulting hybrid vigor.

These offspring would range from almost the same as one grandparent to almost the same as the other, with every possible combination in between and while most of these would be more heterozygous than the grandparent generation most of them would be less heterozygous than the parent F1s.
If, for example, you were to then breed an F1 progeny to another F1 progeny, then the hybrid vigor or heterosis in the progency or offpsring produced would be significantly lower than in the F1 generation. The further down the generations you continue (eg F2, F3, etc), the hybrid vigor or heterosis continues to diminish to the extent that it is insignificant.
 It is possible to prevent this deterioration in health and vigor by limiting line breeding and by selecting rigorously for highly fertile, vigorous, long lived, mentally stable animals. 

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Shorkie Puppy mill operators often denigrate hobby breeders and their dogs.
This is done in attempt to make a Shorkie puppy sale. 
This is nothing short of Shorkie puppy Politics.

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Hybrid Vigor is not a Myth!!
Shorkie puppies are Shrokie-tzu hybrids, Because of F1 Breeding Shorkie puppies are healthier. ... 
This is The Only Authentic Hybrid Shorkie Puppies with F1 Breeding! 
  Yorkie Cross breeding History Wikipedia.org

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