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Shorkie puppy care and Training Tips.
Shorkie pups are very sweet and gentle and willing to please. 
This is what makes training a Shorkie Puppy a Breeze!
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Tips in Choosing your designer puppy Breeder

If you have any special issues you would like to discuss with me, I will be glad to talk to you concerning them.
 We have many years of References You will find below. These don't lie.

Supplies You Need Before you bring your Shorkie puppy home, be sure you have the following supplies: 
Some people will order their supplies along with the NuVet vitamins. If you get an automatic re order, 
they will be cheaper. estimate 1/2 tablet for each day for under 5 lbs.

Puppy Pads for house training
       Premium pet food to get your new Shorkie puppy off to a good start.
       Stainless steel, non-tip food and water bowls 
       A collar or harness and a leather or nylon 6-foot leash that's 1/2-3/4 inches wide 
(consider using a "breakaway" collar with plastic clips that will unsnap in case your puppy gets hung up on something) 
       A home and travel crate that's airline approved and will accommodate your puppy's adult size. 
      This crate will serve as your puppy's new "den" at home, when traveling or riding to the veterinarian's office.
      His scent in the crate will provide comfort and a sense of security during these stressful times. 
      Stain remover for accidental soiling's 
      Brushes and combs suited to your puppy's coat; ask your veterinarian or breeder about an appropriate brush 
      or comb for your dog. 
Dog shampoo, toothbrush and paste 
High-quality, safe chew toys to ease teething 
Flea, tick and parasite controls 
Nail clippers 
Fleece pad 

Helpful Hints

Use stainless steel, non-tip food bowls, which won't break or absorb odors. 
Toys with parts that squeak or whistle can be dangerous if swallowed. 
For a comfortable collar fit, allow for two fingers of space between the collar and your dog's neck;
consider using an adjustable collar or a harnes for the tiny toy breeds. 

Play Pen Method

Keeping your Shorkie puppy safe will help acclimation in its new home.
I suggest a Graco Pac-n-Play playpen to keep it in up off of the floor,where people have walked. 
This will protect your baby untill it has all of it's shots, and at the same time, with newspaper in the 
play pen you will be teaching potty training your Shorkie puppy to use paper to void on. 
Potty training should be very easy and should be completed by 6 months of age.
The play pen will give your Shorkie puppy a safe haven, to keep it in when your not at home. 
       You may also use it when you may visit relatives, or go on a vacation, or even  take your puppy to work with you.
       I suggest that you not leave your puppy alone for more than 4 hours.
      When you reach home take your shorkie puppy out side. You will be teaching the Shorkie to hold.

The First Days at Home

The ideal time to bring home your new Shorkie puppy is when the house is quiet. 
Discourage friends from stopping by and don't allow overnight guests.
First, establish a daily routine and follow these steps:

Step 1: Before bringing him in the house, take him to the designated potty area in
 you yard and spend a few minutes there. If he goes, praise him. 
Be sure to take him to this spot each time he potties.

        Step 2: Take him to the room with his crate. This restricted area will serve as his new 
            "den" for several days. Put bedding and chew toys in the crate, leave the 
             door open and line the area outside of the crate with newspaper in case 
         of an accident. Let him investigate the crate and the room. If he chews
 or urinates on his bedding, permanently remove it from the crate.

      Step 3: Observe and interact with your Shorkie puppy while he's getting used to his new den.
              This will help forge a sense of pack and establish you as the pack leader. 

Special Puppy Concerns
If you have any Shorkie puppy concerns that aren't listed here and just want to talk about it with me.
 I will be here untill something happens I can't be here for you.  Your Puppies well being is #1 with me.

Don't treat a puppy as young as 6 to 12 weeks like an adult dog.
 Treat him the same way you would an infant with patience, constant supervision and a gentle touch.
 The way you interact with your puppy at this age is critical to his socialization
You shouldn't leave your puppy alone more than 4 hours at a time.  


Be sure to put your puppies dish in the same spot and leave it down for 3-5 days 
 The new change of surroundings may change your Shorkies eating habits. 
Your new Shorkie puppy should eat at least 3 times a day. 
What does a Shorkie eat?
There are special foods you may feed your new puppy 
I believe Iams is the best puppy food
This food is also good for other toy breed puppies.
Special Tips in taking care of a Shorkie puppy.
Hypoglycemia can be prevented.
Karo syrup needs to be given for Hypoglycemia.
If your Shorkie won't walk, and looks lethargic, it could be Hypoglycemia. 
If you notice that he isn't eating like you think he ought to eat: 
Feeding Cottage cheese, Brookshire ice cream,
small pieces of cheese for treats, helps to store fat. 
Don't feed treats. This is a complete change of diet.

Here are just a few tips: 

Bring home your  puppy when you have a few days to spend with it. 
You want to be able to spend a lot of time with him so you can acclimate him to your normal, daily routine. 
Supervise your Shorkie puppy at all times and interact with him regularly. 
Be alert for signs (sniffing and circling) that he has to go to the bathroom and take him outside immediately. 
A young puppy has no bladder control and will need to urinate immediately after eating, drinking, 
sleeping or playing. At night, he will need to relieve himself at least every three hours. 
Don't punish an accident. Never push his nose in the waste or scold him. 
He won't understand, and may learn to go to the bathroom when you're out of sight. 
Praise your puppy every time he goes to the bathroom outside. 
Feed your puppy a formula designed for puppies. 
Just like a baby, he needs nutritious, highly digestible food. 
If your puppy develops a cough during the first days at home. You may treat it with a general antibiotic
such as amoxicillian if you have any on hand.

Children and Pets

Ideally, your kids should help you choose your Shorkie puppy. When you bring him home, 
don't let them play with him constantly. Puppies need a lot of rest, just like a growing child.
Limit puppy-children play sessions to 15- to 30-minute periods, 2- 3 times a day. 
Young children may be tempted to shout at a puppy if they think he's doing something wrong.
Be sure kids understand that puppies and dogs can be easily upset and startled by loud noises. 
No teasing. Keeping a toy just out of reach will reinforce bad habits such as jumping up
and excessive barking. .
Supervise interaction and separate them if the play is too rough. 
Teach kids to care for a dog by showing them how to feed and groom your Shorkie.

Meeting other family Pets

Keep family pets separated from your new Shorkie puppy for a few days. 
After your new puppy is used to his new den area, put an expandable pet gate in the 
doorway or put your puppy in his crate. Give your resident pet access to the area. 
Let pets smell and touch each other through the crate or pet gate. Do this several times over the next
few days. Give the resident pet access to the den area with your new puppy out of his crate.
 Supervise their meeting and go back to through-the-gate/crate meetings if trouble arises. 

We are Official Shorkie Breeders in Mississippi. We don't support Puppy Mills.
Be very cautious while searching for a Shorkie puppy in Washington state and Missouri.
The worse thing in the world is receiving a sick puppy
You wouldn't buy a puppy from a pet store or an on line network of Brokers. 
I'm sure you want to know where your Shorkie puppy came from. 
You would not to support puppy mills.

Don't call 1-800, 1-877, 1-888 Hot Lines! These are on line puppy mill brokers.
No Home breeders have Shorkie puppy mill Hot lines.
Shorkie Brokers buy and resale litters of Shorkie puppies on line.
100's of parents to 100's of Shorkie puppies are not tested as claimed.
The Shorkie puppies for sale are not home raised under foot 
Ask to see the parents to the Shorkie puppies for sale.
No Momma's nursing puppies in their homes. No home address.
No home phone listed for you to map to Their home.

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