Tina Taylor is the Proud new Momma 
to this Adorable Shorkie puppy!
This Shorkie puppy lives in Sammamish, Washington.
Shorkie tzu puppies,
The Shorkie puppies have a very large role to fulfill
as the best family pets around. 
She called me when the Shorkie puppy arrived at the
Sea-Tac International Airport.
I was able to go to sleep knowing that she had arrived,
and was with a loving family, in loving arms.

A Shorkie puppy is not a purebred dog.
It's a Hybrid puppy. The two breeds it
takes to accomplish this task is 
A Purebred Shih tzu female
A Purebred Yorkie male.
Our Shorkie puppies are always happy
and the basis for this is that we have raised
the parents of our Shorkie puppies.
plus, the fact that our Shorkies
are raised in our home. We don't have
many Shorkie litters a year, because
we are Yorkie Breeders. 

Just looking at this Shorkie puppy,
is the very reason we breed them.
They are a precious ball of fur!
The Shorkie puppies bring much
love, joy and laughter into our lives
and We know without a doubt that
The Shorkie puppies will bring joy of 
 love and laughter into your lives as well.

If at it's at all possible go to the breeders home to pick up your Shorkie puppy. Then you will get to see the home
your puppy came from and the breeder.

We offer to ship Shorkie puppies to 
Bellingham, WA., Seattle, Tacoma, Olyimpia, 
Renton, Bellevue, Everett, WA., Spokane, 
Federal Way, Vancouver, Yakima, Washington, WA.
We ship our puppies to every state in the 
United States, to all International Airports.

Many people drive from all over the South Mississippi. and Louisiana, Mississippi, MS., Meridian, Terry, Southhaven, Tupelo, Biloxi, Greenville, Waynesboro, Gulfport, MS. , Jackson, Ocean Springs, Vicksburg, Mississippi State, MS, Pascagoula,Collinsville, MS , Columbia, Columbus, Brandon, University, MS, Mississippi, MS. Shreveport, Louisiana, LA., Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Monroe, New Orleans, New Iberia, Lake Charles  Alexandria, Bossier City, Kenner, Louisiana, LA. . Pensacola, Ft Walton Beach, Orlando, Florida, FL. TN.,Memphis,Tallahassee,
Tennessee, TN.

A True Shorkie Home Breeder 
doesn't have the need to slander another 
Shorkie Home Breeder.

Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix puppies 
Adult Shorkies
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Shorkie puppies for sale


Shorkie puppies in Washington State

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Shorkie puppies for sale to Washington
Shorkie puppy in Washington
Selling Shorkies in Washington state
 shorkie puppy
 shorkie puppy
This Shorkie puppy was sold in Washington state
She will look like a Gold Yorkie when she is grown.
Shorkies are a F1 hybrid dog. The true breeding 
is a pure bred Shih tzu mother and Yorkie father.
The true Shorkie puppies look more like a Yorkie
than the Shih tzu. Some Shorkie breeders call
this kind of puppy a Shorkie tzu puppy.
They are also called a Shih Tzu-Yorkie mix puppy
We have a few pictures of this Shorkie puppy
You can watch this shorkie puppy grow.

Shorkie puppy breeder with Shorkie pictures of Shorkie puppies, and Shorkie puppies playing with their toys.
 Come to my home to play with my Shorkie Puppies. 
This is what a Yorkie mix Shorkie puppy looks like.
Shorkie Brokers buy and resale litters of Shorkie puppies on line.
100's of parents to 100's of Shorkie puppies are not tested as claimed.
The Shorkie puppies for sale are not home raised under foot 
Ask to see the parents to the Shorkie puppies for sale.
No Momma's nursing puppies in their homes. No home address.
No home phone listed for you to map to her home.

A True Home Shorkie Breeder Never Does This!!!
Don't buy from a Pet store or a broker
100's of dogs rescued from this Missouri puppy mill

Wherever you may see anything bad about Mileen Coulter, 
You will see that is has been posted by my competitors.

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