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 Fancy Face Shorkies 
We raise Healthy, Happy Shorkie Puppies.
Shorkie Breeder in Mississipi Expecting Shorkies for sale very soon!
Email me  about the new Shorkie puppies.
Your welcome to come pick up your Shorkie puppy at my home and meet your breeder
Shorkies are one-of-a-kind Designer Breed Puppy.  

Shorkies Will Leave Paw Prints On Your Heart Forever.

Our Shorkies are only F1 breedings of Shih-Tzu, and Yorkie

I enjoy meeting the new puppy parents when they come to my home.
Your welcome to come pick up your Shorkie puppy at my home and meet
 your breeder. Meet just some of my Shorkie Families picking up their Shorkie puppies at my home. If you have a question about me or my breeding practices, you can talk to my Vet! Dr Mark Herbert 601-587-7941. 

I reserve the right to place a Shorkie puppy, in a Home of my choice.
We breed purebred dogs to purebred dogs creating a first generation 
Hybrid puppies because we believe if you don't double up on all the genes 
you are most likely going to produce a healthier pet. For example By doing a 
F1 breeding our babies don't have the breathing issues a purebred 
Shih Tzu could have. We don't post Shorkie puppies for Breeder Buddies

My mothers are in my home. I'm there when the babies are born. 
I help stimulate, and clean the babies up. I will bottle feed with goat
 milk if needed to help give them a good start. I have Playpens in the main 
area of the family room. They are use to household noises, along with our 
grand children who love to play and cuddle with them while watching TV.

Mileen Coulter
#1 Shorkie Breeder in Silver Creek, Mississippi
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Located in South Central Mississippi 
#1 Approved Mississippi breeder with Home raised 
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We have Shorkie puppies in Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and Georgia, and more.
Brookhaven, Mississippi, MS. Canton, Clinton, Brandon,  Jackson,  Mc Comb, Vicksburg,  Meridian,  Waynesboro, 
Hattiesburg, Gulfport, Ocean Springs, Mississippi,  New Orleans,  Louisiana, LA. Baton Rouge, Covington, Hammond, 
 Mandeville, Lake St Charles, Metairie, Atlanta, Georgia, GA.  Mobile, Montgomery,  Tuscaloosa,  Birmingham,  Alabama,  AL
 Pensacola, Tallahassee,  Ft  Walton Beach, Florida, FL. Memphis, Tennessee, TN. and surrounding areas.

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shorkies puppies
Shorkie puppies
Golden Shorkie puppy Sold to 
Scott in Waveland Mississippi
Shorkie puppy SOLD to Jodie & Spencer 
Walker District Attorney in Alabama.
Came to my home to pick up their puppy.

We are dedicated Mississippi Shorkie puppy breeders that share the vision by joining  together the Yorkie and Shih tzu as a Yorkie mix or what IS A Shorkie puppy. Shorkie puppies are noted for their exceptional loyalty and devotion to its family members.  The ideal temperament of a Shorkie is very stable, dedicated, confident, loving and sweet in nature and is that of an ultimate family companion. Shorkie puppies live to please their owners. Shorkies are a highly intelligent breed, besides being a very trainable dog.  
That way you have a companion for LIFE. We love our Shorkies to have the teddy bear faces and the best personalities. Our Shorkie puppies ARE ALSO KNOWN AS: SHORKIE-TZU - and many other popular names. 
Our Shorkies will leave paw prints on your hears for ever.