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My name is Mileen Coulter,
I welcome you to my Shorkie puppy website.
I am a Dog breeder in Silver Creek Mississippi.
I love the noises in my home of my Shorkie puppies playing!
They have Baby teething toys and exercise toys for mind stimulation.
Our Shorkie puppies will make your heart melt as soon as you see them.
Our Shorkie puppies will give you unconditional love, all all they ask in
return is to be loved and taken care of the rest of their life.
My Mother dogs and puppies have their own places in my home.

You've come to the right place to find information about Shorkies for sale.
I have a small breeding facility that I designed special in my home, for my dogs..
It is climate controlled, with music. They have their own beds and play Yards. My puppies
are born and raised in my home. We don't buy Shorkie puppies for re sale.
I love the special one on one time with my dogs.
AKC inspects my dogs, the facilities in my home, and the extension of my home.
AKC Compliance report tells my dogs are in my home with access to outside.
Some people just don't understand how dedicated I am to my dogs, and their babies.
I have always had a special Love for Dogs, because they give you unconditional Love.
My mothers are in my home. I'm there when the babies are born, to help cut the cord, or
stimulate, and clean the babies up, bottle feed with goat milk to help give them a good start.
I have Playpens in the main area of the family room. They are use to household noises,
along with our grand children who love to play and cuddle with them while watching TV.
We have guests come into our home, play with our puppies then take one home.
One of them said: "Your dogs don't live with you, You live with your dogs"
"You can tell that Your really dedicated with what your doing with the dogs"

The unconditional love of my Shorkie puppies is a constant reminder of
God's unconditional love for me and what I should pass forward and demonstrate to others.
I am very thankful for the lessons God shows me through his precious little creatures!

FANCY FACE SHORKIES, Mississippi Shorkie dog breeder.

Shorkie Brokers buy and resale litters of Shorkie puppies on the Top of Google.

Ask to see the parents to the Shorkie puppies for sale.
No Momma's nursing Shorkie puppies in their homes. No home address.
No home phone listed for you to map to their home.

#1 Things to look for in a Shorkie breeder! HONESTY!
Your Welcome to my Home to pick up your Shorkie puppy!
We have the Parents to our Shorkie puppies for sale!
Our Shorkie puppies nurse mommas in my Home.
You will know who your Shorkie breeder really is.

All Shorkie puppies are given vaccinations and worming as appropriate to their ages.
Our Shorkie puppies have scheduled shots. We worm with safeguard at 2,4.6 weeks.
Treated with Revolution for ear and mange mites, fleas, and heart worm treatment.
Your Shorkie Puppy will be up to date with a health record with all puppy care given.
Our Shorkie puppies come pre-spoiled with no extra charge!

We know that it's a Scary thing to think of buying a Shorkie Puppy on line.
Feel free to call and talk to me about the process of choosing your new Family Member.
Dr. Mark Herbert  does my well puppy genetic health checks.
My Vet plays a very large role in what I do as Your Shorkie Puppy Breeder.
DR. Mark checks and approves Every puppy that I sell.  Mark knows that I Home Raise
My Shorkie Puppies in playpens in my home. Also that I ship puppies all over the USA.
If you have a Question about me Talk to my Vet!  Dr Mark Herbert 601-587-7941
Our  Shorkie Puppies will not be affected by any of the diseases that plague the
Dr. Mark Herbert is my veterinarian- 601-587-7941

We stand Behind Every Shorkie Puppy We Sell!
601-886-7381-Rolls over to Cell
Shorkie Breeder Mississippi
With Home raised Shorkie puppies for sale.
Started out as

Email me at
Please put Shorkie puppies for sale in the title of your email.

What is a Shorkie Puppy?
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We will meet people part way with their Shorkie puppies. Shorkies, Shorkie puppies, Shorkie puppy,
Shorkie puppies can be shipped fast and safely with Delta and American Airlines to every state.

Families drive to pick up puppies from these towns and surrounding areas.
We have Shorkie puppies In many states all over the USA.
Families drive to pick up their Shorkies and Shorkie puppies from many of  the cities listed below.
Brookhaven, Mississippi, MS. Canton,  Brandon,  Jackson,  Mc Comb, Vicksburg,  Meridian,  Waynesboro, Hattiesburg,
Gulfport, Ocean Springs,  Waveland MS., New Orleans,  Louisiana, LA. Baton Rouge, Covington, Hammond,  Mandeville,
Lake St Charles, Metairie, Atlanta, Georgia, GA.  Mobile, Alabama,  AL. Montgomery,  Tuscaloosa,   Birmingham,
Florida, FL. Pensacola, Tallahassee,  Shorkie in Ft  Walton Beach,  Memphis, Tennessee, TN. and surrounding areas.

Shorkies living in Alabama, We have two Shorkie puppies in Florida. Shorkies in Tennessee, Shorkies in Louisiana,
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 shorkie breeder in mississippi
Be sure to click the
Google maps so you can see the Addition that was built to the back of
my home. Where my Adult dogs live
Map Me with Google Maps
Call 601-886-7381
No visits without an appointment.
This is my Home.
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Shorkie puppies
I reserve the right to place a Shorkie puppy, in a Home of my choice. I don't make you
choose a Shorkie from the web site. When the pictures are posted you may come and
pick out your Shorkie puppy with an appointment. If you can't come, I will send pictures
screen saver size, so you can see your Shorkie puppy close up.

We are Shorkie breeders with Shih-tzu mix puppies for sale.
Some Shorkie puppy breeders say they are Yorkie mix puppies for sale.
We sincerely hope we haven't caused an inconvience of having No Shorkie
puppies for sale. We have been raising our new Shih tzu Mothers
As Shorkie Breeders we going to have Shorkie puppies for sale real soon.
Your welcome to come pick up your Shorkie puppy at my home.

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