.Many people ask me "What does a grown Shorkie look like?"
Shorkie puppies are a "One of a kind Dog" Because of the Shorkies different colors
 and the chosen hair style, Shorkies all look different.We have Adult Shorkie pictures.

There is nothing greater than "Puppy Love!"
I have always had a special love for Dogs. It's because they give you unconditional love.
We take great pride in raising Healthy, Happy Shorkie Puppies.
Cammie and Bella Live on the Mississippi gulf coast.
I am sorry it took me so long to get back to you.  I have been working 2 jobs since Oct., and haven't had time to return emails.  The dogs are wonderful, and spoiled rotten, both of them.  My mom will not let Cammy (Lady Camila) out of her sight, and brushes her every nite.  Cammy will steal the brush when she is through and then go hide it under the bed.  Very loveable and smart. 

The one I kept, Bella (Duchess Isabella) is the lite of my life, she is so precious and loving.  She is very smart, she has a toybox full of toys, and plays catch me if you can, and wants you to chase and catch her with the toy.  She listens very well, and has trained easily.  She knows where the treats are kept, and if you even get close to the cabinet they are in, she goes and sits in front of it, and looks at you very expantly waiting for a treat.  You can hide her favorite toy in the bottom of the toy box, and she will dig out all the others, and turn over the toy box to get to her favorite one.  She loves Gigi our other dog, and Gigi barely tolerates Bella.

This is a Tribute to the Shorkie named "Christmas Eve" She died at nine from a rare disease.
Christmas Eve "EVIE" Acording to Pam, She was the best dog in the World! Pam was sick for a short period of time, and Evie never left her side.   After Evie died I wasn't sure I could make it. 
I can't tell you how much we love her.  Pams New Little Shorkie Puppy.
This song is Dedicated to Pam Norman for Evie. I know she will always love her.....................

Cooper Devincie The Shorkie Puppy

Hope you have enjoyed looking at the Grown Shorkie puppies with their Adult Pictures.
There is nothing greater than "Puppy Love!"
I have always had a special love for Dogs. It's because they give you unconditional love.

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Older Shorkie Dog, Belonged to Pam in Lakeland Flroida
Adult Shorkie Dog belonged to Pam in Lakeland Florida


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 Shorkie Puppies
Shorkie puppy
Shorkie puppy Sold to Chloe Lo in IL
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Shorkie Puppy Sold to Chloe LO
Hi Mileen, Thanks so much for sending this,  Bunny is doing wonderful she is about 6 pounds and is beautiful!!!!  She will get a running start and jump into my arms, you can't imagine what that does to my heart to have that little baby jump into my arms!!! Evie never jumped like that, so yes shorkies all look different and have different energy levels.  My husband loves Bunny and says all the time that we could not have got a better puppy!!  We went to  our couples Bible Study last night and we had to name some things we were thankful for and Bunny was one of my things,  You do a wonderful job with your breeding and the love you give the puppies!!!!  I just can't thank you enough. I hope you and your family have a wonderful 
Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!!  Pam
We love him like a baby!!!!!!!  What a wonderful breed, so much love to give.  I will send you some pics.  I want another one!!!!! But I think "Walter" would be soooooo jealous. He weighs 7 lbs
Thanks again, he is all I ever wanted.
The Bayers

Otis is 7.5 lbs. otis is very loving and playful. he learns quickly and loves to sit, lay down and roll over. otis plays well with others and loves his cat and bird. he plays with the cat as if she was another dog, it is so cute to watch them together. great personality and good with kids. 


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Fletcher is the Powers Family grown Shorkie puppy.
Mr Powers was so pleased with his Shorkie that he came back just last week for a second puppy. 
Thanks so much!!!